Heading for the hills 

Blog update Vietnam 10 January Day 3
The builders of the rapidly growing hotels in the region worked late into the night. Welding went on past 11pm. Fortunately the jack hammer stopped soon after 10pm. Though after the afternoon cycle down into and then straight up out of the valley, sleep came easily. 

The planned early start was unsuccessful.  Even with daylight streaming in the windows and a myriad of building noises, we both almost slept past the breakfast cutoff of 08:30.  

Route for the day was to climb up Fansipan (3140m) from Sapa (1500m) and stop off at the two waterfalls along the way. 

Cherry blossoms being transported. 

Shortly after the second waterfall, the clouds moved in bring with them a heavy drizzle and mist. 

The trip back down to Sapa was slower than planned due to the wet / slippery roads and having to get off the path / road every time a big truck passed. 

Arriving back at the hotel – wet and muddy smiles with the manager bringing us hot ginger tea to help counteract the cold blue lips and numbed fingers. That along with a hot shower and dry clothes was a good way to finish off cycling for the day. Now to find the advertised Hot Wine… Which will be an appropriate afternoon drink to have in this thick mist. 

The long ride tomorrow might have to be abandoned due to the heavy rain. Will negotiate with the taxis tomorrow to see 

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